Stop wasting time on Shreds & X-Ref

Focus your time on Proposal Outlines and the quality of your response.

The CAP allows users to build their Proposal Outlines by automatically shredding RFX’s. To ensure Compliancy, a user can automatically generate an X-Ref at any time while building the Proposal Outline.

See how it works in a few short steps

Step 1

Opening the Proposal Builder

  • Click the ‘Proposal Builder’ icon
  • Select your Workgroup
  • Click ‘Open’

Step 2

Opening a Proposal Outline

  • Select your project
  • Click ‘Open’
  • Select/Create a Proposal Outline
  • Click ‘Apply’

Step 3

Checking Boxes in the Allocation Window

  • Select your Proposal Outline
  • Select the file(s)

Step 4

Adding a New Section

  • Click ‘Add Section’ button
  • Name the Section
  • Click ‘Apply’

Step 5

Adding a New Sub-Section

  • Click ‘Add Sub-Section’ button
  • Name the Sub-Section
  • Click ‘Apply’

Step 6

Removing a Section

  • Click on a section
  • Click ‘Remove’
  • Click ‘Remove’, again

Step 7

Renaming a Section

  • Select a section
  • Click ‘Rename’
  • Name the Section
  • Click ‘Save’

Step 8

Clicking and Dragging a Requirement into the Proposal Outline

  • Select a Requirement
  • Drag selected Requirement into desired Proposal section

Step 9

Clicking ‘Generate Cross Reference Compliance Matrix’

  • Click the ‘Generate Cross Reference Compliance Matrix’ button at any time during your build

Step 10

Clicking ‘Generate Proposal Outline’

  • Click the ‘Generate Proposal Outline’ button at any time during your build

Step 11

Clicking the ‘Home’ button

  • Click the ‘Home’ button to return back to the ‘Welcome’ page

Yes, it is that simple…

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