What Is A Compliance Matrix?


A compliance matrix is a type of grid where you cross-reference a list of work requirements and their fulfillment. The federal government and other civil companies publish project needs for qualified vendors to supply. The Request for Proposals (RFPs) are announced with detailed requirements for, and questions about, the stated project. Contractors must not only be qualified to perform the work but must meet all the requirements. A compliance matrix helps proposal managers ensure the complete fulfilment of the list of detailed requirements for the work needed. A compliance matrix uses a table to list every specification, stipulation, and question regarding a project, which can then be referenced to the page and section of the RFP.

The compliance matrix is a tool that helps both a contractor and the evaluator of the project. It helps the competing vendor to address all work requirements. It helps the evaluator of a proposal to easily scan the items addressed by the contractor. Traditionally, the tedious process of creating compliance proposals was accomplished by extensive time and energy. Oversights and errors were bound to happen. But advanced technologies such as document analyzers now aid the process immensely. A document analyzer such as the Content Analytics Platform (CAP), developed by Scion Analytics, can quickly shred any RFP. These software tools can easily build any type of compliance matrix ensuring successful compliance. They provide huge time and costs savings.

Compliance Matrix Examples

An example of using a compliance matrix is where the United States Air Force publishes a need for an aircraft engine. Military projects are demanding in their specifications. By using a compliance matrix, qualified civilian corporations that build jet engines can successfully bid on the project by thoroughly detecting and addressing every detailed requirement and concern of the USAF. But not only the manufacturer of jet engines uses the compliance matrix as a checklist. The aviation company will probably employ engineering consultants or SMEs to contribute according to the matrix checklist. Because of the details of the compliance matrix, they will know their roles in the venture.

Compliance Matrix Benefits

Thoroughly Address Every Requirement

Most RFPs are complex documents. They are long and detailed, composed of paragraphs and questions. Various items are scattered throughout the text. It is easy to miss an important statement, specification, or question for the vendors. It will take time and tedious combing to be apprised of the contents needing to be addressed. Using a compliance matrix provides a table to visibly itemize the requirements, making them easily scannable and addressed by all team members involved with the project. A compliance matrix helps display every detailed requirement in a clear, thorough manner.

Confidently Plan For Every Requirement

 A compliance matrix will list and outline all specifications, materials, and timelines. This detailed listing of requirements helps guide effective project planning and work assignments. The proposal team assignments and the responsibility matrix, such as a RACI matrix, can be established being guided by the compliance matrix. When every request, question, and detail is listed in a clear manner, nothing will be missed.

All Necessary Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Are Retained

 Without a compliance matrix detailing every concern and question for the project requestor, necessary expert consultation will be overlooked. But the compliance matrix helps identify what SMEs are needed by listing all specifications clearly.

Compliance Matrix Capabilities

The Contract and Proposal Suite software capabilities are:

· Quickly generate a starter compliance matrix using the Shipley Associates Excel template:

· The Excel spreadsheet result displays all requirement statements within the document.

· The requirement statements are highlighted.

· The Excel spreadsheet result displays their RFP number.

· The Excel spreadsheet result displays their headings.

· The Excel spreadsheet result displays their page locations.

· Parse a federal government Request for Proposal (RFP) using the Legal parser and Keyword Group (Keyword Library) “Required” to help identify requirements


The world of RFPs and proposals is a highly intricate and regulated business. Missing a requirement can mean your proposal being thrown out of consideration. A good compliance matrix will unsure a thorough, winning proposal. The requesting enterprise will see the competency in the vendor and be assured of getting exactly what they require in the transaction. The software technologies that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can quickly analyze and rearrange the entire data content of any RFP into a detailed requirement compliance matrix.

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